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What Ever Happened To Disgraced Mega-Dad Jon Gosselin?

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If you've ever laid awake at night wondering what happened to Jon Gosselin, then you've come to the right place. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad walked away from reality TV after five seasons and a nasty split with Kate Gosselin. After a peculiar bad-boy Ed Hardy phase in 2009, Jon Gosselin soon faded from the public eye.

So, what has Jon Gosselin been up to since his grand exit? He's been working a variety of odd jobs, attempting to pay off debt, and blossoming into a semi-successful DJ. And of course, he's been fighting with Kate via tabloids and courtrooms over their eight children. But whoever said raising a litter of children was easy? Read on to discover (and Lol at) the very interesting things Jon Gosselin has been doing.

  • He Doesn't Speak To Kate Gosselin

    When it comes to Jon and Kate, time apparently doesn't heal all wounds. In fact, the former reality couple's relationship has diminished to the point of being non-existent. According to Jon, the two have no relationship or interaction outside of text or email. Exchanging the kids is done with a nanny. 

    While the exes don't speak to each other directly, they do take the time to bash each other to the media every now and again. Kate has stated that Jon has never paid child support, while Jon claims that he gave her $3 million. On Couples Therapy Jon called out Kate's "narcissistic bullsh*t behavior" and suggested she "eat sh*t and die." So, don't hold your breath for a reconciliation.

  • He's Open To Re-Marrying

    Despite his toxic marriage to Kate, Jon Gosselin is still open to marriage. Gosselin told People in April 2017 that he liked marriage, and would possibly marry again. He has been dating Colleen Conrad, a mother of two, for nearly three years and currently lives with her. 

    Gosselin stated, “It’s hard to find a normal person if you’re still on television. It’s easy to find a normal person if you work a normal job and have a normal life.” He calls his own life "quasi-normal," as he lives life normally with the exception of occasional media presence and scrutiny.

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    He Denounced Reality Television

    One of Gosselin's constant criticisms of his ex, Kate, is her continued television appearances, which include the solo spin-off Kate Plus 8, Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Wife Swap, and Celebrity Apprentice. Despite Gosselin's own participation in five seasons of Jon & Kate Plus 8, he calls the show a mistake and says that it negatively impacted the development of his children. 

    Despite his opinion that reality TV is the root of all evil, Gosselin has made numerous talk show appearances, and in 2014 he and his then-girlfriend Liz Jannetta appeared on VH1's Couples Therapy. Gosselin claimed this was purely for the free therapy. 

  • Photo: Youtube

    Kate Accused Him Of Kidnapping And Drug Dealing

    In 2016, after an incident where Gosselin daughter Hannah didn't want to return home to her mother, Kate accused Jon of kidnapping Hannah and engaging in other "suspicious behavior" around her. However, investigators found no evidence of this.

    According to the police report,  Kate also claimed that Jon used his DJ career as a front to sell narcotics. Considering the source, we'll take this with a grain of salt.