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What Ever Happened To Kelly Le Brock, The Super Hot Actress From Weird Science?

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Kelly LeBrock was one of the biggest stars of the '80s. She became a model at 16 and a sex symbol not much later. Her film debut was in the Gene Wilder film The Woman in Red in 1984. She starred the following year in what was perhaps her most famous role as Lisa, the scientifically engineered "perfect woman" in Weird Science. After a tumultuous marriage to Steven Seagal, she left Hollywood, leaving people asking, "What happened to Kelly LeBrock?"

Kelly LeBrock now shows up from time to time in small movie roles but her career is mostly just that of a public figure, making appearances and speaking at events. She has been involved with a couple different charities as well, advocating for things ranging from healthy eating, to homeopathic remedies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Fortunately, Kelly LeBrock today seems to be in a good place, but it took her a while to get there and she went through a lot along the way. Here's everything LeBrock has been up to since Weird Science.

  • She's Made A Lot Of Questionable Acting Choices Since The '80s

    For whatever reason LeBrock went on to make some iffy choices in movie roles offered to her. A few of the obscure films she went on to do include The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Betrayal of the Dove, Hard Bounty, Wrongfully Accused, and Zerophilia. She can't necessarily be blamed for these films' less than favorable receptions, but she certainly didn't choose any winners. The only film she's done to get a reasonable score on Rotten Tomatoes since the height of her career in the '80s was a 2015 movie called 10 Days in a Madhouse that has a 98% audience score.

  • Her Daughter Has Followed In Her Footsteps To Be A Model

    Her Daughter Has Followed In Her Footsteps To Be A Model
    Photo: Lifetime

    Like mother, like daughter. Kelly LeBrock's youngest daughter, Arissa LeBrock, at 23-years-old (in 2017) has gone on to take up her mother's past profession of modeling. Her mother, who has spoken openly about the toll modeling took on her life, is very supportive. This is mainly to do with the fact that Arissa is forging a very different path as a body-positive plus-sized model advocating for more realistic beauty standards. The two will be appearing together in the Lifetime reality show Growing Up Supermodel that follows the children of former models trying to make their way into the field.

  • She's Now A Grandmother And Regularly Shares Posts On Her Idyllic Ranch Life

    LeBrock moved to a ranch to raise her children after her divorce, deciding it was worth ditching her career in order to shield them from the pressures and insanity of Los Angeles. She bought a ranch near Santa Barbara where she raises animals, grows food, and cooks for her family including her grandchildren. Her Instagram is full of insight into her idyllic life spent riding horses, raising goats, and barbecuing her grass fed beef.

  • Her Voice Is Quite Recognizable And Has Been Used In A Hit Song

    Her Voice Is Quite Recognizable And Has Been Used In A Hit Song
    Video: YouTube

    The band Bastille have a 2016 single called "Good Grief" which included some of LeBrock's lines from Weird Science including, "So what would you little maniacs like to do first?" and "If you want be a party animal, you have to learn to live in the jungle. Now stop worrying and go and get dressed." With her velvety British accent and sexy '80s swagger, her voice is sure to be recognizable to '80s film enthusiasts for years to come.