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What Ever Happened To Kelly Le Brock, The Super Hot Actress From Weird Science?

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Kelly LeBrock was one of the biggest stars of the '80s. She became a model at 16 and a sex symbol not much later. Her film debut was in the Gene Wilder film The Woman in Red in 1984. She starred the following year in what was perhaps her most famous role as Lisa, the scientifically engineered "perfect woman" in Weird Science. After a tumultuous marriage to Steven Seagal, she left Hollywood, leaving people asking, "What happened to Kelly LeBrock?"

Kelly LeBrock now shows up from time to time in small movie roles but her career is mostly just that of a public figure, making appearances and speaking at events. She has been involved with a couple different charities as well, advocating for things ranging from healthy eating, to homeopathic remedies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy. 

Fortunately, Kelly LeBrock today seems to be in a good place, but it took her a while to get there and she went through a lot along the way. Here's everything LeBrock has been up to since Weird Science.

  • She Was The Face (And Hair) Of Pantene Coining A Hit '80s Catchphrase

    Video: YouTube

    In 1986, a year after Weird Science came out, LeBrock was cast in a series of Pantene commercials. In the commercials she is seen showering as she explains the hair science of the shampoo. Her catchphrase in the commercials, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," became a pop culture sensation

    In an interview with Allure she commented on how insecure she felt about doing the ads even saying she initially tried to walk out of the audition. The casting team made her stay to read a few lines. She recalls, "I used to be so insecure and self-conscious that if anybody even looked at me, I'd go red. So even though it was obviously tongue-in-cheek, it was really difficult to say 'Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.'"

  • She Married, And Divorced, Steven Seagal

    LeBrock married Steven Seagal in '87 and they had three children together before they separated in 1996. They even starred in a movie together in 1990 called Hard to Kill. If the film's title served as a meta-commentary on their marriage it didn't hold true. The two filed for divorce when Seagal had an affair with the nanny. Like 98% of Hollywood marriages, their divorce was quite ugly and quite public. LeBrock took her kids into the country and spent the next two decades raising them away from the craziness of Hollywood.

  • She Became A Rancher

    Photo: Kelly Le Brock / Facebook

    After Kelly Brock’s divorce with Steven Seagal, she bought a ranch in Santa Barbara, CA, and started working the land. She raised her three children there while she grew vegetables and made her own cheese and yogurt. She wanted her kids out of LA so they could grow up with “real people.” That said, she didn’t leave the limelight entirely as she was in a couple of reality shows and a handful of movies over the years. 

  • Her Ex-Husband Was Involved In Sordid Sexual Assault Scandals

    There have been a number of sexual harassment and assault allegations against Steven Seagal over the years and in 2010 Kelly LeBrock admitted that she wasn't surprised. LeBrock wouldn't say explicitly what her personal opinion and experience with Seagal was in this regard for the sake of her children with him. She did say she'd eventually put all of her thoughts on him into a tell-all book. The experience was, however, triggering for LeBrock who admitted publicly to having been the victim of sexual violence throughout her life.