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Whatever Happened To Lacey Chabert?

March 18, 2020 206.1k views14 items

Lacey Chabert rocketed to fame as a child actress, playing the role of Claudia on Party of Five for six seasons. Then, she played Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, turning her into a teen comedy queen. But where is Lacey Chabert now?

Chabert is still a busy working actress, often putting in 16-hour days to make movies; voice roles in cartoons and video games; and appear on TV shows. She's racked up 17 Hallmark movies and counting, including eight Hallmark Christmas movies. And she's the lead on the Hallmark Crossword Mysteries series

That's not all Lacey Chabert has been doing since Mean Girls. She also had a secret wedding, became a mother, and carries a surprising item in her purse. 

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    She Left ‘Family Guy’ To Focus On School

    Lacey Chabert was the voice of Meg on Family Guy during the show's first season. But by the second season, Mila Kunis stepped in to replace Chabert. Two decades later, Kunis still voices the black sheep character. 

    Why did Chabert leave the show? At the time, Family Guy was tanking in the ratings and looked like it wouldn't last for long. Plus, Chabert was still working on Party of Five and attending school. According to reports, Chabert left Family Guy so she could focus on school.

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    She Reunited With Jennifer Love Hewitt On ‘Ghost Whisperer’

    For five seasons, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Chabert co-starred on Party of Five. And even after Love Hewitt's character, Sarah Reeves, left the show for her own short-lived spinoff, Chabert and Love Hewitt stayed in touch.

    In fact, the two reunited on the show Ghost Whisperer. Chabert guest-starred in a Season 2 episode as the wife of Love Hewitt's ex-boyfriend. The show acknowledged their long history by having the two share a surprised look when they first see each other. 

  • She Starred In The ‘Christian Mingle’ Movie

    In 2014, Chabert starred in a movie about Christian Mingle, a dating site for Christians.

    In the romantic comedy, Chabert's character pretends to be a practicing Christian to join the site. When she meets and falls in love with someone, she has to hide the fact that she's been lying about her faith.

    In the movie's happy ending, Chabert's character gets the guy and renews her faith.

  • She’s A Prolific Voice Actor For Cartoons And Video Games

    Chabert's credits aren't all in front of the camera. She has a long career as a voice actor for cartoons and video games. 

    Chabert voiced Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys and Princess Elise in a 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game. 

    “I like that in voice acting you can play different characters than you can when you’re on camera and you’re limited by your physical being,” Chabert told Entertainment Weekly.