What The Heck Happened To Limp Bizkit?

For a few years in the early aughts Fred Durst and his gang of nü metal miscreants in Limp Bizkit were everywhere. Limp Bizkit's songs were all over the radio and MTV, and their first three albums were massive. But then they disappeared. So what happened to Limp Bizkit? Like a lot of huge rock bands they were eaten up by their own success. Their popularity led to in-fighting and cultural backlash that was hellbent on erasing the group from the cultural consciousness.

Where did Limp Bizkit go? What happened to Fred Durst? Is he still wearing that stupid red hat? These are all valid questions for which you’ll find answers (except for the hat thing). As dumb as this band was stories about Limp Bizkit are fascinating. They show that bros can grow a brain, or at least a facsimile of a brain, and that there’s life after a decade spent wearing JNCOs.

Today, Limp Bizkit is still around. But they’re older, maybe wiser, and definitely still doing it for the nookie.

  • Fred Durst Worked At Interscope For A While

    Fred Durst Worked At Interscope For A While
    Photo: david_shankbone / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    One thing that definitely kept Fred Durst busy outside of his Bizkit bizness was his day job at Interscope Records. After his band signed to the label in the late '90s, the company saw so much potential in the singer that they made him the Senior Vice President of Interscope. At the time MTV reported that Durst's day-to-day would be filled with producing artists and directing music videos. 

    A decade later, the band was finally released from their contract with Interscope and moved over to Birdman's Cash Money Records in 2011. A few years later, the two groups amicably split ways. 

  • Fred Durst Started Working In Film

    Fred Durst Started Working In Film
    Video: YouTube

    After tiring of doing it all for the nookie Fred Durst began to do things for the artistry. Since 1998 the singer had been building a solid resume of music videos, but in 2007 he moved into feature film work by directing the Jesse Eisenberg vehicle The Education of Charlie Banks. He followed that up the next year by directing Ice Cube in The Longshots

    Even though his feature film work didn't set the world on fire, it showed that he knew how to work behind the camera, helping him score a gig directing an eHarmony commercial. He also starred and directed in The Truth, a short film about a small time preacher who longs to be a big time televangelist. 


  • Fred Durst Has Been Politely Arguing With Donald Trump

    Donald Trump and Fred Durst have a lot in common. They both love Russia. They both love golf. And they're both white guys with, well, senses of entitlement. But that's where the similarities stop. In early 2018 Durst pleaded on Twitter for Donald Trump to stop breaking stuff (stuff being America) and "make the world better." Durst's tweet came after Trump referred to CNN's Jake Tapper as a fake news flunky after the reporter discussed Trump's mental state after the release of Fire and Fury.

  • Limp Bizkit Is Actually Still Touring

    Limp Bizkit Is Actually Still Touring
    Photo: Carlos Varela / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    While the world sat around wondering what Limp Bizkit was up to, the group was busy doing it their way and continuing to plug along. In March 2018 the band planned to headline the Download Festival in Melbourne alongside their nü metal bros Korn and dad metal bros Mastodon.

    But don't go thinking that this is some sort of one-off show. They may happen somewhat sporadically, but in 2015 the band performed a 20-date tour in Russia. How many rubles will a three-dollar bill get you?



  • Wes Borland Tried To Make A Video Game But Decided To Make A Record Instead

    Wes Borland Tried To Make A Video Game But Decided To Make A Record Instead
    Video: YouTube

    Wes Borland, the group's artsy-fartsy member with all the costumes, never seemed like he was comfortable as the guitar player in Limp Bizkit. He's quit and rejoined the band a couple of times and he's made a couple of solo albums. In the early 2000s, he made an experimental metal album under the moniker Big Dumb Face. It was meant to be a one-off, but around 2015 he got an idea for expanding the album's concept with a video game. 

    He told Team Rock, "I actually started storyboarding a whole video game and wrote the whole thing. My agent started reaching out to videogame companies and they hooked me up with a bunch of people who were all like, ‘We love this, it’s just an indie game, so you’re going to need an investor to spend a million dollars on this."

    Rather than dip into his own pockets or ask for money on Kickstarter he decided to just make another record. 

  • Wes Borland Had Words For Nü Metal Bro Aaron Lewis At The Airport

    Wes Borland Had Words For Nü Metal Bro Aaron Lewis At The Airport
    Photo: Edgar Sagra / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    It's been a while since Fred Durst signed Aaron Lewis' band Staind to Interscope in the late '90s, and in the interim, plenty of love seems have been lost between the nü metal-turned- country singer and Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland. When the two bumped into one another in a Jacksonville, Florida airport they had a less than friendly family reunion that spiraled into an argument over the concept of home.

    Borland explained,

    He goes ‘Where ya headed?’ And I went ‘I’m going home.’ And he goes ‘Home?’ and I went ‘Yeah I just visited my parents, I’m going back home to L.A.’ Aaron looks at me and he kind of turns his chin up and goes, ‘Nah man, remember where you came from, Florida is your home, not L.A. That’s home.

    Woof. The guitarist continued, 

    I could not believe the audacity, and just like pretentiousness—especially for someone that acts like they’re like a country boy now and they’re from Illinois. And I just went ‘F*ck you man.’ And I never talked to him again after that.