What The Heck Happened To Limp Bizkit?

For a few years in the early aughts Fred Durst and his gang of nü metal miscreants in Limp Bizkit were everywhere. Limp Bizkit's songs were all over the radio and MTV, and their first three albums were massive. But then they disappeared. So what happened to Limp Bizkit? Like a lot of huge rock bands they were eaten up by their own success. Their popularity led to in-fighting and cultural backlash that was hellbent on erasing the group from the cultural consciousness.

Where did Limp Bizkit go? What happened to Fred Durst? Is he still wearing that stupid red hat? These are all valid questions for which you’ll find answers (except for the hat thing). As dumb as this band was stories about Limp Bizkit are fascinating. They show that bros can grow a brain, or at least a facsimile of a brain, and that there’s life after a decade spent wearing JNCOs.

Today, Limp Bizkit is still around. But they’re older, maybe wiser, and definitely still doing it for the nookie.