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Hey, So Whatever Happened To Lindsay Lohan?

Updated 3 Apr 2020 39.3k views18 items

What happened to Lindsay Lohan? Everyone knows about her troubled past, including multiple arrests for DUI, several failed stints in rehab, and stories about how difficult she was to work with on movie and television sets. But what about Lindsay Lohan today? Now that she is done with her tumultuous twenties, has she finally turned a corner and cleaned up her act?

The answer to that question is unfortunately not so simple. She did leave Hollywood for London in 2016, and has happily remained out of the paparazzi spotlight (and out of court). She is involved in several different promising business ventures — like the entirely relatable ambition of designing her own island off the coast of Dubai. But peppered in with the return of a promising young talent also come a few crazy Lindsay Lohan stories, including a social media tirade that hearkened the end of her engagement to a Russian business heir.

Check out all the positive and the negative things that Lindsay Lohan has been up to the past few years. 

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