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What Happened Immediately After London Was Destroyed By The Great Fire Of 1666?

On September 2, 1666, 80% of medieval London burned to the ground in the largest fire in the city's history. The fire raged for more than three days, consuming huge swaths of the city, but the Great Fire of London story often leaves out what happened after the fire. What happened to London after the Great Fire destroyed over 13,000 buildings?

The country was amid war with the French and Dutch, so many Englishman first blamed foreigners, and while the city smoldered, mobs attacked immigrant populations. Others feared it may have been a Catholic plot. Preachers blamed the fire on London's gluttony, while the government hanged a man who falsely confessed to starting the fire.

Much of the cities infrastructure was destroyed while many were left homeless, but a completely new city was built from the ashes. A fire court heard disputes between tenants and landlords, the city organized fire brigades, and new rules banned wood and pitch. After great fear and persecution, London was rebulit, and its citizens were determined to prevent another disaster as destructive as the Great Fire of London.