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Whatever Happened To The Most Memorable Kids on MTV's 'MADE'?

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The best contestants on MTV's MADE all had one thing in common: they had the desire to challenge themselves. Over the course of 15 seasons and 280 episodes, high school students worked tirelessly with various MADE coaches to achieve their respective dreams. Some of the show's contestants changed drastically from then to now.

Some wanted to be rock stars, others hoped to win beauty pageants, while some just tried to shed their nerdy reputations. Perhaps the show was one of the network’s most successful original programs because viewers could relate to the desire to be change and evolve. The grandest dreams take a lot of hard work, though and MADE didn't shy away from showing the struggle.  

Did any of the teens actually get what they wanted after their MADE makeovers? What lessons did they learn? MTV doesn't necessarily answer those questions, but it's possible to check up on your favorite contestants.

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