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Where Are They Now?
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What Happened To Michael Jackson's Kids?

Updated 28 Feb 2018 826.0k views12 items

Michael Jackson may have been a polarizing figure, but his immense talent was indisputable. Love him or hate him, Jackson created an air of mystery around everything he did, and he — as well as his children, Blanket, Prince, and Paris Jackson — continue to fascinate the public even years after MJ's death.

But what happened to Michael Jackson's kids? It's no secret that Michael preferred to keep them as far from the spotlight as possible, even putting them in masks when he would take them out in public. His kids would be forgiven if they chose to lead elusive, reclusive lives, but instead, they've opened themselves up in ways their father never did. As a result, the world gets an occasional glimpse of Michael Jackson's family, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how… well, well-adjusted they appear to be today, despite all they've been through and the unique lives they've led.

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