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What Happened To Mike Myers, The King Of '90s Movie Comedy?

Updated November 27, 2019 201.2k views20 items

What happened to Mike Myers? Apparently, the man himself would laugh at the notion of a "Mike Myers comeback," because according to him, he’s been right here, doing his thing. He makes a movie, and takes a few years to plan the next one. In the meantime, he plays hockey, soccer, and D&D. He also paints, mainly portraits of Colonel Sanders (not a joke). 

Where is Mike Myers now? Well, Myers also has a reputation for being difficult to work with. He can be demanding, moody, and a control freak. It’s possible, then, that producers and directors may not be lining up to work with him. Or, he’s choosy. Or both. In any case, it doesn’t seem that Myers gives these large absences from the public eye any thought. You get the feeling he winces at the question “Where did Mike Myers go?” because he’s fine, he says. He’s just fine. But is he? Let's find out. 

  • He Remains Difficult To Work With, And He Knows It

    Myers told Marc Maron on the WTF podcast that he realizes he’s not exactly an easy actor to deal with. He explained it’s because he’s used to having creative control in everything he’s done, even before SNL. “What people don’t realize is that I write, create, and own the things that I do. So when I call up the marketing department, they go, ‘That’s not in the movie star handbook. You’re not supposed to call up the marketing department.’ And I go, ‘What should I do?… I’m the producer and the creator and the owner of this thing that I wrote.’”

    He’s also weird about personal contact. He’s been called both moody and a control freak by those who have worked with him. 

  • He’s Been Painting Portraits Of Colonel Sanders

    Myers has painted the Colonel as various celebrities, public figures, and even art paragons such as the Mona Lisa. He calls it the Colonel Lisa. He explained his fried chicken mascot fetish, “Growing up in Canada, looking south at America, they are so amazing at creating identity that they even have enough leftover to come up with the colonel who is the colonel of chicken! As a kid I literally said the words, 'Why are they militarizing chicken?' Because I didn’t understand the Kentucky Colonel of it all. Our whole family was obsessed with the Colonel. For me show business was buying Kentucky Fried Chicken. Because it was nationally advertised, and it seemed exotic. First of all, it’s a great character. He has his own unique silhouette—you can draw him in three lines.”

    Clearly, Myers does not get tired of drawing those three lines over and over again. 

  • He Hosted The Gong Show (In Character)

    Video: YouTube

    The Gong Show was rebooted on ABC in 2017. The network announced that a British actor named Tommy Maitland was the host – and stuck to that line, even though it was pretty obvious that "Tommy" was Meyers on heavy makeup.

    Meyers wasn't "revealed" as the show's true host until it was renewed in early 2018.

  • He Had Kids And It Changed Everything

    Video: YouTube

    Myers married his second wife Kelly Tisdale in a private ceremony in 2010. They had their first son, Spike, in 2011. When asked about the timeline of his movie releases, Myers doesn’t really plot things in the same linear way. “Before the kid I don’t even remember, to be honest with you. Everything is ‘before kid’ and ‘after kid.’" Their daughter Sunday Molly Myers was born in 2014. Paulina was born in 2015. To say that Myers loves being a parent is an understatement. 

    He said in an interview, “Adam Sandler, when he heard that Kelly and I were pregnant, called me up and said, ‘You’re gonna love it—it’s like falling in love for the first time when you’re twelve, but it’s every day.’ And I think he undersold how momentous it is. And I’m going to sound corny again—so corn alert—but I didn’t know that there was that much love in me, to be honest. Dana Carvey says it’s like finding a room in your apartment you didn’t know you had.” Nothing like advice from former SNL co-stars.