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Nick GAS Was The Best TV Channel In The '90s—And You Totally Forgot About It Until Now

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Television is an absolute monster when it comes to forms of entertainment. Several networks and on-demand services have been thriving over time due to their incredible, groundbreaking series. However, there are also countless networks and services that have been crippled over the years by the massive success of their bitter rivals. Even the behemoth, Nickelodeon, had to denounce a popular '90s television block due to the growing needs of an already successful network. Nickelodeon, at one point, had a channel dedicated solely to games and sports for kids, and that channel was Nick GAS.

Nick GAS may have vanished from the pop-culture zeitgeist, but it certainly aired some memorable shows. Most of the amazing game shows Nickelodeon boasted (Guts, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Figure It Out) all ran on GAS throughout its existence. The television industry is fickle, and Nick GAS was eliminated from Nick's programming schedule less than eight years after its inception. But this network was a big part of most "Nick Kids" lives, and it deserves to be remembered. 


  • Nick GAS Partnered With Professional Sports Leagues

    In 2000, Nickelodeon reached an agreement with the NHL to create programming revolving around professional hockey. They would get access to players and coaches to do interviews, and would cover live games with kid-tailored content.

    They had already done something similar with Major League Soccer the year before (MLS actually existed in 1999).

  • 'Renford Rejects' Was The First Original Sitcom On Nick GAS

    Renford Rejects was actually produced by Nickelodeon UK, but it was simulcasted on Nick GAS, which basically made it the network's first original program. It was about a team of pre-teen soccer players who were far from the cream of the crop. 

    Meanwhile, the first true original show from Nick GAS was still a few years away.

  • 'Splash TV' Was The First Original Program Made For Nick GAS

    Nick GAS finally got a legitimate original program, three years after its initial debut. It was called Splash TV, and it premiered in June, 2002. It was all about swimming and water sports, and regularly featured Team USA swimmers. According to the Chief Marketing Officer of USA Swimming,

    We want kids to see all the fun you can have in the water. If you know how to swim, you'll be able to enjoy all of the water sports and activities we show you on Splash TV. This show fits extraordinarily well with our strategy of providing visibility for our athletes, building our base and getting more kids into the water.

    Seems they weren't only trying to get kids to spend more time outside, they were also breeding future athletes. 


  • Throughout Its Run, Nick GAS Only Had Three Original Shows

    Despite the fact Nick GAS was on the air for eight years, it only had three original programs to its name, Play to Z, GameFarm, and Splash TV. None of those are particularly memorable, which is perhaps why they called it quits as far as producing original content was concerned.