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What Happened To Shelly Miscavige, The Missing Wife Of The Leader Of Scientology?

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The Church of Scientology is an incredibly divisive group whose supporters border on fanaticism, while its critics condemn it for its psychologically abusive practices. It’s led by the enigmatic and highly charismatic David Miscavige, who’s also accused of coercion, profiteering, and assault.

His wife, Michele Miscavige, has been a member of the Church since she was 12. At that time, she was one of four personal messengers for L. Ron Hubbard, the original mastermind behind the Church of Scientology. In the mid-2000s, a monumental media event happened: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes met and fell in love. Michele ‘Shelly’ Miscavige is the one who orchestrated their union, ultimately to the benefit of her church. Leah Remini, who was also a Scientologist since childhood, was absolutely shocked that Shelly wasn't present at their wedding. It wasn't long after that David Miscavige and his wife had a huge confrontation, which resulted in her subsequent disappearance from the public eye in 2007.

This raises quite a few questions: What happened to David Miscavige’s wife? Did he have anything to do with it? Where is Shelly now?

There are many theories out there speculating on the fate of David Miscavige's missing wife; some are downright chilling, but none of them are a certain explanation and can only leave people scratching their heads as they wonder, what happened to Shelly Miscavige?

  • She’s A Prisoner In A High-Security Compound

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    The Church of Scientology has a multitude of compounds scattered all over the United States. Many of them are in and around Los Angeles. One such compound is the secret headquarters of the Church of Spiritual Technology near Twin Peaks, CA. It is home to a nuke-proof underground vault where all of L. Ron Hubbard's writings are kept, and where the very top ranked members of the Church are to flee in the event of societal collapse.

    More importantly, the compound is completely secret to most of the Church's members. It is heavily guarded, uses high-tech surveillance and security equipment, and features security fencing with barbed spikes pointing inwards (to prevent anyone from escaping). Many former Scientologists believe Shelly Miscavige is a prisoner there.

  • Even The Police May Be Involved In The Conspiracy

    When Shelly Miscavige's friend Leah Remini filed a missing person's report about the strange disappearance on August 5, 2013, the claim was basically dismissed. Police officers settled the case by August 8, 2013, telling reporters that everything was fine. In fact, officials even suggested that Remini's worries were "unwarranted." 

    Supposedly, the officers spoke to Miscavige, but she declined to make a statement. LAPD Lt. Andre Dawson ran point on the case, and he refused to share details. He told people that specifics were "classified."

  • Shelly Miscavige Could Be Dead

    Video: YouTube

    Shelly Miscavige wasn't very well liked in the Church of Scientology, but she did have a few people who were close to her. One of those friends was actress Leah Remini, who left Scientology in 2013 specifically because of Shelly's disappearance. She was, in essence, harassed, threatened, and ostracized for years because she wouldn't stop asking about Shelly's whereabouts. In a 2016 interview on her show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, she noted that unless Shelly herself comes out and says that she's doing well and alive, she may as well be dead.

  • Shelly's Last Public Appearance Was In 2007 For Her Father's Funeral

    Shelly basically disappeared from the Church of Scientology somewhere between 2005 and 2006, because she had exceedingly displeased her husband David Miscavige. It is said that by this point, David was becoming more and more demanding as well as more and more abusive towards everyone in the Church. According to sources, she was attempting to do something good for him, but he didn't see it that way. It wasn't long after that incident that Shelly disappeared.

    In fact, the next (and last) time Shelly Miscavige is seen in public was when she was allowed to attend her father's funeral in August 2007. Since then? Nothing.