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Ravaged By Solar Flares And NASA's Only Mutiny, Our First Space Station Went Out In A Blaze Of Glory

What was Skylab? Back in the day, long before there was an International Space Station, or even a Space Shuttle, and not too long after the end of NASA's famous Apollo Space Program, there existed the world's first space station, an "orbital workshop," known as Skylab. Developed over a period of nearly ten years, the NASA Skylab project was launched into orbit in 1973 and completed three missions that year.

But what did Skylab do? It was a workshop of scientific and medical experiments, some of them inspired by students on Earth. It was also a test, of sorts, to determine whether or not humans could safely and productively live in space for extended periods in the Skylab station. Skylab program history is full of fascinating stories related to the experiments conducted aboard, and inventions and technologies that were developed as a result of what happened aboard Skylab. Read on to find out the whole story of humanity's first home in space.