Weirdly Interesting This Miracle Material Could Withstand 75 Hiroshimas But It Mysteriously Disappeared  

Mick Jacobs

The video below delves into something like a modern day tale of alchemy: a hairdresser claims to have created an element that would change the world. Maurice Ward of northern England supposedly discovered an indestructible element.

An inventor at heart, Ward always concocted new types of products and solutions for his clients' different needs. Inspiration came to him after he saw a news story about a plane crash. That's when he committed himself to creating an element capable of withstanding anything.

Using his knack for chemistry, Ward set to work creating an industrial material that would resist flames and save lives in the process. What he came up consisted of 21 materials and, he said, was 90% organic.

After that, the material, Starlite, entered the world of the military, fading from public eye and memory over the years. Watch the video below to see what happened to Starlite, and where it might be now, if it exists at all.