Steve From Blue's Clues Quit The Show Because They Wanted Him To Wear A Wig

With his laid-back delivery, sweet baby face, and green-striped rugby shirt, Steve Burns from Blue's Clues was the first TV host many of us grew up watching. But what happened to Steve from Blue's Clues? It seems like he just disappeared several seasons into one of the best Nick Jr. shows and was never heard from again. Despite persistent rumors of his death, he is alive and well and living in Brooklyn. Recently, he has spoken out about why he left the popular Nick Jr. cartoon show and what he's been up to in the years since.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1973, Burns grew up with an interest in music and theater. He eventually dropped out of college and moved to New York City, where he became a voice actor. This is how he stumbled upon Blue's Clues and landed his most recognizable gig. Then, in 2002, we watched Steve (the Blue's Clues character, not the man) get on a cartoon bus… and seemingly fall off the face of the earth.

Until now. Learn more about Steve Burns today and what's been keeping him busy for the last 17 years.

  • His Career Changed When He Started Going Bald

    His Career Changed When He Started Going Bald
    Photo: Nick Jr.

    Burns was the epitome of boyish enthusiasm on Blue's Clues, but he knew there was only so long he'd be able to pull off that image. Time, after all, marches on. And sometimes it marches right across your scalp.

    "I knew I wasn't going to be doing children's television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid's TV show," he said. "And it was happening…fast."

  • He Refused To Let The Show Put Him In A Wig

    He Refused To Let The Show Put Him In A Wig
    Photo: Nick Jr.

    TV thrives on a winning formula, and Steve's rugby shirt, khakis, and mop of brown hair were instantly recognizable to many a pintsize Blue's Clues viewer. But when that mop of brown hair was starting to fall out, Steve knew he couldn’t trust the show to find a solution.

    "I was going bald and I kind of looked around and I'm like – the people who decided that I should wear these pants are not going to choose a wig with any dignity for me. It's just not going to happen," he said.

  • He Holds A Grudge Against His Signature Khakis

    He Holds A Grudge Against His Signature Khakis
    Photo: Nick Jr.

    And speaking of those khakis, Burns hated them. A lot. On the show's twentieth anniversary, he took to Twitter to acknowledge the milestone - and to kvetch a bit about those pleated khakis. "Blue's Clues turns 20 today and I'm still a little mad about the pants," he tweeted.

  • Crazy Rumors Swirled About Why He Left Blue's Clues


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    Since his 2002 departure from Blue's Clues - which abruptly saw Steve boarding a bus and "going off to college," where he joined a hopscotch team - there have been multiple rumors about what exactly became of Burns. The most popular theory? He died. Car accidents and drug overdoses were the most widely-circulated causes of death. So, when Burns joined social media, he chose the handle @SteveBurnsAlive.