What Have The Lawrence Brothers Been Doing Since Their '90s Heyday?

The Lawrence brothers have a special place in the annals of famous celebrity families and former '90s stars. Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence all grew up on the screen, and were uniquely adorable in their own way. Unlike other child stars, these '90s actors managed to maintain a wholesome, stable image even after their careers in front of the camera slowed down. The Lawrence brothers today are still heavily involved in the entertainment business, especially Joey, and they have plenty of new projects in the works to get long-time fans excited.


  • They’re Working On A New TV Show


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    Brotherly Love ended 20 years ago, but, there may be a comeback in the works. All three Lawrence brothers are planning on starring in a new show togther, with plans to film a pilot in early 2018. This won’t be a sequel in the same vein as Fuller House. The brothers plan on taking a more mature approach to reflect how they've changed. “We wanted to find a way not to redo Brotherly Love, but to bring us back together as grown men,” Joey told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s edgy, which is different, and it’s real, you know, I think these guys are going through real things and the dynamic and the relationships that we have are not the late ‘90s sitcom-like relationships,” he added.

  • Another Disney Channel Movie Might Be In The Works

    In 1999, Joey and Andy Lawrence starred in the Disney Channel movie Horse Sense, about a spoiled rich guy who learns the value of hard work on a ranch working with his cousin. In 2001, all three brothers starred in Jumping Ship. The cousins came back, but this time they meet up with a ship captain (Matt) and the three of them have to escape a deserted island. Well, the Lawrence brothers wrote a third movie to wrap up the trilogy. “It’s a great sort of conclusion to that story, and also a passing of the baton to a new group,” Joey said. “There’s been interest, and it’s there, and the script’s great. It’s just a matter of finding the right moment to do it.”

  • Joey Lawrence Released A Christmas Song

    Joey Lawrence Released A Christmas Song
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    Joey Lawrence recently released his first-ever Christmas song, aptly named “Christmas Time.” He admitted it was campy, but that he wanted to make a song that expressed his sincere belief in the Christmas spirit, saying, “I wanted to make it about that special happiness we all get around the holidays that we can’t explain and do something poppy and fun. I really like how it turned out."

  • They Are Now In A Band

    They Are Now In A Band
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    The Lawrence brothers were always multi-threat singers and actor, and their musical ambitions haven’t slowed down with age. Joey still releases songs occasional songs, but the trio have formed a brother boy band called Still Three. In February 2017, they dropped their first single, "Lose Myself." “We began this whole thing as three bros just fooling around doing something we had never done together,” Joey said. “But something special happened and it just felt right.” Brother Andy added, “Making music so much fun, so why not do it with the two fellas I have the most fun with?"

  • Their Brotherly Love Wasn’t Just Made For TV


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    While the Lawrence brothers acted like they had an unbreakable bond on their NBC sitcom Brotherly Love, what was their relationship like offscreen? Well, apparently it was and continues to be great. “We actually have a really good bond. We’re really tight, we’re each other’s best friends and we love each other to death,” Joey told Entertainment Tonight in late 2017. He also revealed that the brothers have other projects in the pipeline that may give them the opportunity to work together again in the future.

  • Joey Has Had A Lot Of Little Projects In Recent Years

    Joey Has Had A Lot Of Little Projects In Recent Years
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    In 2006, Joey competed on Dancing with the Stars and placed third in the overall competition. He declined returning for the All-Star season. In 2009, Joey starred in My Fake Fiancé in 2009 alongside Melissa Joan Hart, an ABC Family movie that got surprisingly high ratings for the network. The success of their pairing helped spawn the sitcom Melissa & Joey that the two '90s stars also executive produced. The show won the People’s Choice Award in 2015 for "Favorite Cable TV Comedy".