Whatever Happened To '90s Band The Offspring?

With an instantly recognizable sound positioned somewhere between punk and alt-rock, The Offspring was a musical force throughout the 1990s and 2000s. However, since that time, the group doesn't seem to be as prolific as they once were.

Like many hit '90s bands, The Offspring haven't vanished; they continue to rock out together and are still very punk. Their more recent output hasn't achieved the mass appeal of their earlier work, but few groups understand the natural ebb and flow of the music industry better than this one; after all, they were a band for ten years before hitting it big with Smash in 1994.

Hailing from Garden Grove, CA, singer and guitarist Bryan "Dexter" Holland and bassist Greg Kriesel formed the band after getting rowdy at a tumultuous 1984 Social Distortion concert. When a couple of early members left, guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman joined, as did drummer James Lilja. Lilja was later replaced by Ron Welty, who was subsequently swapped out for Pete Parada (the band's drummer as of 2019).

While it's hard to imagine The Offspring replicating the success of Smash, or the pop-punk mainstream stylings of 1998's Americana, the band has been featured in a variety of video games, recorded an original track for the Sharknado movies, and one member even got a Ph.D. in molecular biology. This direction may not be traditionally punk, but the band still rocks just as hard as it did in decades past.