Whatever Happened To Tila Tequila?

What happened to Tila Tequila? In the early 2000s, the Singapore-born reality TV star seemed to be everywhere. She became the most popular person on Myspace, posed for Playboy among several other prominent magazines, and became a reality TV star with her bisexual reality dating. But Tila Tequila, born Tila Nguyen, is now a whole different person from the one you knew from the early aughts. If you haven’t been paying attention, these stories about Tila Tequila may just totally shock you.

  • She Claims Satan Possessed Her

    In November 2018, Tequila released a video from 2012 - with God's "go-ahead" - concerning her departure from Hollywood. In the video, the reality star claims she was possessed by Satan: "So back in 2012 I was in Hollywood and I was in the world of Satan."

    Tequila also claimed that she "actually [passed]" and that the demons of Hollywood "kept sending agents over to the house to [get rid of] me." She knew she had to leave Hollywood after the passing of her fiancé Casey Johnson, whom she said Paris and Nicky Hilton "sacrificed."

  • She Criticized Beauty Influencer Nikkie Tutorials On Facebook

    Tequila shared a long post on her Facebook page in February 2018 about Nikkie Tutorials, a beauty YouTuber. In it, she criticized the other woman's weight and overall appearance. She ended her post by slamming "not really Christian" believers and including several Bible verses.

  • She Is A Self-Proclaimed 'Alt-Reich' Queen

    The former reality star describes herself as a an "alt-reich queen" and an adamant Trump supporter. She once tweeted: "Women who complain about Trump saying 'Grab her by the p**sy!' are r***rds because I love getting grabbed by the p**sy! LMAO!"

    Tequila also once posted a photo of herself and two white men performing the SS salute and tweeting "Seig heil!"

  • She Claims To Have Signed A Contract That Made Her God

    In May 2017, Tequila posted a 23-minute YouTube video stating that she signed a contract that she believes made her God. "Whether it’s Jesus, Allah … Yeshwah or whatever …" Tequila said. "My dumb*ss self, I signed this contract without reading the fine print because I’m lazy like that. I signed my soul away to become God without reading the fine print."

    Although Tequila admitted that she was not exactly certain of all the terms in the contract, she did say that she was ready to start using her new powers to help people. She goes on to say that she now has the power to do things like abolish debt and taxes and take control of the world.

    "You guys have to live inside whatever it is I create," Tequila said. "Whether I want WWIII to happen or not. I do, so it will happen."

  • She Posts About Conspiracy Theories

    Tequila is one of those people who believe that the Earth is flat. To defend her position, she posted on her Twitter page: "Why are all the buildings in NYC standing straight up? If earth was round buildings would have a slight tilt."

    It's not the only conspiracy theory she apparently believes in. In 2013, the former reality star wrote a detailed message that linked the passing of a Canadian woman named Elisa Lam with Paul Walker's demise. Walker perished in a car collision the same year Lam's remains were found in a water tank on the rooftop of a Los Angeles hotel. Both demises were deemed accidental. However, Tequila claims that both were actually part of what she called a ritualistic slaying.

  • She Went After A Transgender YouTuber

    Tequila went after a YouTube personality on March 9, 2018. Nikita Dragun, a popular transgender YouTube celebrity, shared a photo of herself before and after her transition on Facebook for International Woman's Day. Tequila reposted the photo on her personal Facebook page alongside a critical post.

    Mentioning God and her faith multiple times throughout the post, Tequila called the photo one of many "abominations" being spread online. And she wasn't exclusively condemning trans people either. Tequila also said men liking provocative pictures would face the wrath of God as well.