What The Heck Happened To Trapper Keepers?

Whether you had one or not when you were middle school, the specter of the Trapper Keeper still looms large over your head, perhaps even more than any of its other '90s nostalgia-inducing school supply counterparts. But what happened to Trapper Keepers? Did they just disappear from the earth as soon as the '90s ended? Where did they even come from? Trapper Keepers are one of those mystical items that seem like they simply appeared in a cool kid’s locker on the first day of school, and if you lived without one you would live in woe until at least spring break. Despite what you’ve heard, these mini portfolios aren’t magical, but the history of Trapper Keepers is fascinating, and it deserves a look if for no other reason than to inform yourself about one of the things that made life so cool in the '80s and '90s.

Do kids still use Trapper Keepers, or do they just email all of their homework to their teachers now? That’s one of the key pieces of information that you’ll learn on this breakdown of whatever the heck happened to Trapper Keepers. You'll even get an inside look at the Trapper Keeper contraband controversy from the '90s and how it’s changed over time. Even though they were just something you needed for school, Trapper Keepers defied their root purpose and became an exalted form of cool and self expression in a way that so few things can. Keep reading and prepare to fall in love with Trapper Keepers all over again.