What Happened To Trucker-Chic Clothing Company Von Dutch?

If you were alive in the glorious aughts, there's no doubt you recall images of celebrities decked out in gear Von Dutch — and no doubt you had at least a few closet pieces yourself. Whether it was Von Dutch trucker hats, pinstriped shirts, or other Von Dutch clothing, the brand was unavoidable. You could see it on people like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst, and other TRL celebrities. But then, it seemed to completely vanish. So what happened to Von Dutch?

The rise and fall of Von Dutch actually goes way, way back not to the year 2000, but to the 1950s. Before it was a brand, “Von Dutch” was the nickname of car and motorcycle artist Kenneth Howard. He died in 1992, but a decade later, his name became one of the biggest trends of the decade, along with Ed Hardy. (Speaking of whom, whatever happened to Ed Hardy?) But what is going on with Von Dutch today? You can find out with this list of things you didn't know about Von Dutch.