Culture 29 Truths Only People Who Go To Midnight Showings Understand  

Mel Judson
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Going to a midnight movie generally makes you the kind of crazy movie fan that’s a cut above the average Joes who show up at a reasonable hour after work on a weeknight. Those people sleep well, are fresh for work all the time, and don’t care if people spoil the ending to a movie they’ll probably only half enjoy anyway. People who go to midnight movies, though, are the kind of people who go to the theater with a passion. They’re part of a culture of people who will shush a baby, ask a tester to put their phone away, and will have the strongest opinion on the Internet about any movie they’re watching.

But if you’re one of those people, one of those dedicated cinephiles that sacrifices their next day, one of those particularly ornery nerds, then this list is for you. At at midnight you can avoid the two worst things imaginable at the cinema: babies and spoilers, the two most common movie-killers. Additionally, there's a kind of respect in taking the time to stay up that late, and on a proactive side, you spend the next day on the Internet without feeling like you're navigating a giant mine field. And if you’ve done it at least once, some of these will resonate with you, and if you do it regularly, this list is pretty much a bullet-pointed version of your life. 

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“This Will Be Worth The Feeling I'll Have At Work Tomorrow”

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Seeing A Huge Plot Twist Without Having It Spoiled

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Judging The People Who Get There Late

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Good Seats Are Higher Priority Than Who You Sit Next To

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You Avoid Children

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That Guilty Rush You Feel Holding A Friend A Spot In Line

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Thinking Of Plot Points To Discuss With Your Equally-Excited Friends

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You Get To Nap In The Early Evening

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Going At Night Means You Can Be Reckless On The Internet The Next Day

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You May Need To Wake Up The Person Next To You Who's Dozed-Off

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Your Friends-In-Fandom Will Reach Out About Their Own Viewing, Even If It's At A Different Time Than Your Own Viewing

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Nothing Taste Better Than Popcorn And A Hotdog 20 Minutes Past Midnight

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You Are Practically Collapsing By The End Of The Second Act

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Then You Need To Order A Sprite So You're Not Up Till Morning

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You Stay For The Full Credits

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You Down A Pound Of Coffee Before Trekking Out

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Getting Mad At The Person Who Initiates The Yawning-Chain

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You Can't Discuss The Movie At The Water Cooler Because Your Coworkers Haven't Seen It Yet

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Fighting That Constant Battle Against Droopy Eyes

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You Look Down On Those Who Take Bathroom Breaks Mid-Film

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You Can Wear A Fandom T-Shirt Of The Cast, Director, Film Series To Show Your Full Dedication

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If The Film Is Brilliant, You Know You'll One-Up Your Coworkers Tomorrow

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You Look Forward To The Trailers

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Parents With Kids At Midnight Films Are Sadists

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You Start To Feel That This Movie Really Is Over Two-Hours Long

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You Feel Superiority Over Those Who Don't Make It Through The Credits

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Production Company Theme Songs And Intros Get You Verklempt

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You Are More Than Willing To Argue The Movies Merits And Flaws Before Evening Going Inside

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If The Movie Is A Snooze You Begin Doing Mental-Math To Stay Awake