What It's Like When Your Eye Pops Out

Everyone has seen one of those cartoons where a character's eyes pop way out of their head, right? While that may be a funny trope on TV, people do have eyes pop out, and it's even possible to lose an eye if they pop out in real life. It's such an odd idea that you might be wondering what happens if your eye pops out. Does it hurt? How would that even happen? Well, luckily for you, there's plenty of information on what it's like to lose your eye, and you can learn all about it right here.

It's worth mentioning that this article is going to get a little graphic, so if you're squeamish, you've been warned. If, on the other hand, you're just curious about these things or want a little scientific detail, then rejoice. Just know you might feel a little more appreciative of your own eyeballs by the time you're through with reading. 

So if you're ready to find out what happens if you lose an eye, then read on.