What Really Happens In The Fantasy Suite On 'The Bachelor'

Ever wondered what goes down in The Bachelor Fantasy Suites? You’re not alone. Any member of #BachelorNation will tell you that Fantasy Suite week is one of the most highly-anticipated episodes every season - a bit ironic, considering most of that juicy Bachelor drama goes down off-camera. 

For the uninitiated, "the Fantasy Suite" is the romantic setting for an overnight date between the Bachelor or Bachelorette and any of their final three contestants. It's much different from the often ridiculous Bachelor group dates. The individual couples "escape" to a luxurious hotel suite or villa - decked out with rose petals, a giant bubble bath, lots of alcohol, and other helpful items - where they spend the night together sans cameras. Naturally, there are some wild stories from the Fantasy Suites of The Bachelor - though they're not all as scandalous as you might assume.