What Really Happens In The Fantasy Suite On 'The Bachelor'

Ever wondered what goes down in The Bachelor Fantasy Suites? You’re not alone. Any member of #BachelorNation will tell you that Fantasy Suite week is one of the most highly-anticipated episodes every season - a bit ironic, considering most of that juicy Bachelor drama goes down off-camera. 

For the uninitiated, "the Fantasy Suite" is the romantic setting for an overnight date between the Bachelor or Bachelorette and any of their final three contestants. It's much different from the often ridiculous Bachelor group dates. The individual couples "escape" to a luxurious hotel suite or villa - decked out with rose petals, a giant bubble bath, lots of alcohol, and other helpful items - where they spend the night together sans cameras. Naturally, there are some wild stories from the Fantasy Suites of The Bachelor - though they're not all as scandalous as you might assume.

  • Producers Sleep In The Same Building

    In Amy Kaufman's book Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America's Favorite Guilty Pleasure, former production members spill some of the show's secrets - including the fact that, even though the couple may be off-camera in the Fantasy Suite, they're not completely alone. Usually, a producer sleeps in the same building as the pair to keep "an ear" on things.

    It's a little creepy, especially since the producer is "just a wall over, where they can literally hear what's going on."

  • Sometimes Contestants Just Want To Sleep

    The Bachelor filming schedule gets so brutal that sometimes contestants just want to use those precious camera-free hours to rest. Bachelorette Jen Schefft skipped out on sex on her third Fantasy Suite date; she needed to be up in four hours to film and preferred to get some sleep.

    Rachel Lindsay felt the same way. During her Fantasy Suite date with Bachelor Nick Viall, she felt so emotionally exhausted she passed out immediately - no talking, no sex. She related, "I did nothing! I did nothing but sleep. I got my best sleep in the Fantasy Suite!”

  • Producers Manipulate Footage To Make It Seem Like The Couple Gets Intimate

    Much of the Fantasy Suite magic happens in the editing room through a very special trick: the bending of the truth. Former producer Michael Carroll reveals, "There were a lot of girls that would go into the suite with him and then [back] out and be like, 'I’m going. Make sure you show me leaving.' And of course, we may or may not show her leaving."

    Producers manipulate Fantasy Suite footage in other ways, too. By splicing in a shot of a light switch turning off or inserting the sound of a door closing, they communicate the idea of a private, wild night of lovemaking (even if the couple just brushes their teeth and goes to bed).

  • Every Room Comes With Bowls Of Condoms

    Fantasy Suite rooms are decorated and designed with sex in mind - and the producers aren't subtle about it. Besides the standard provisions (rose petals, a giant bed, lots of wine, and usually a bubble bath), rooms are also stocked with bowls of condoms.

    Bachelorette Jen Schefft revealed this little detail, saying, “It was like, ‘Oh, OK, so we can be safe if we want to be. But honestly? We don’t need a bowlful.”