Weirdly Interesting All The Wonderfully Weird Things That Happen After You Flush The Toilet  

Mick Jacobs

Even though you do it every day, you probably don't think much about flushing your toilet, unless of course you're afraid of clogging it. After you watch the video below, however, you'll have a newfound love for your bowel movement-collecting basin.

If you sit back and think about how plumbing works, you start to realize how complex it is. For example, the water you flush down your toilet with your number two is also the water you use to boil your pasta the following week.

All the water that flows in your house gets reused over and over again thanks to sanitation plants in your hometown. The workers at said plant - who probably don't get paid enough, frankly - make sure to clear your old drawers and gross cotton swabs from the water supply.

Thanks to your local water sanitation plant, your water comes to you clean and clear as opposed to filled with urine, vomit, and whatever else. Watch the video below to see just how much work those sanitation workers put in for you every day.