Graveyard Shift Disgusting Things That Happen To Your Body When It Decomposes Naturally  

Mick Jacobs

Have you ever wondered about the exact process of decomposition as if happens in human bodies? You've come to the right place, because the video below provides a one-of-a-kind tour. As you may expect, the decomposition look is one even the edgiest of supermodels fails to pull off. Not that those sporting the look care all that much because, well, they're dead.

But everyone else still stuck on this floating piece of space rock does have to live with it. At least those who work in morgues or people like you scouring the Internet for morbid thrills.

During the process of decomposition, each body part gets to go through its own transformation. It's a lot like puberty, except puberty only feels like you're going to die, while death itself is always certain.

Regardless of how terribly disgusting your body becomes, know that at least something won't be afraid to show your corpse some love: maggots.