12 Things That Happen To Your Body If Your Blood Sugar Is Too High

Diabetics know all too well the danger of high blood sugar levels. Maintaining proper levels, however, is something everyone should aim for. Even if you don't have diabetes, skyrocketing blood sugar can impact your body in ways large and small. High blood sugar is a super common illness, so it's important to be aware of the usual symptoms.

On the blood sugar scale, anything from 70 to 150 is in the optimal range. Numbers closer to the ends fall more in the "borderline" category of too high or too low. If you are below 70, your blood sugar is too low; anything over 150 is too high. Fortunately, in many cases your body will let you know when it is experiencing either of these extremes.

Many things - both on the inside and the outside - happen when your blood sugar is too high, you just need to know how to read the signs.