So, What Exactly Has Fairuza Balk Been Up To In The 20 Years Since "The Craft"?

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Fairuza Balk, who played a fan-favorite witch in The Craft, has been out of the limelight for quite some time. Many fans of the classic cult film have wondered what she's been up to, but Balk hasn't really gone anywhere. While every era has big stars who just sort of disappear from Hollywood, Balk isn't one of the many '90s celebs who qualify.

She's been working pretty consistently for the last two decades, even though you might not recognize the names of most things she's been in. Balk hasn't limited her talents to the silver screen either; she's dipped her hands into a number of artistic pots and the results are about as creepily satisfying as her first break-out hit.

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    The Artist Further Diversified Her Portfolio By Branching Out Into Music

    The Artist Further Diversified Her Portfolio By Branching Out Into Music
    Photo: Armedlove Milita / YouTube

    Fairuza Balk released a single in 2010 called "Stormwinds" under the artist name Armed Love Militia. It was her first song but there weren't many more to follow. One of her websites offers that song in addition to "Davie" and "Dream45."

    Balk has a voice somewhat reminiscent of a gentler Stevie Nicks and her music is a little bit alt-rock. 

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    She Was Kind Of Grossed Out By Hollywood

    Fairuza Balk's misgivings about the industry in general may have also caused her departure from the spotlight. In the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, the actress says that people in her work environment have "no morals... no integrity at all." Balk goes on to say she believes they'd sell their own children down the river for money, and chooses to separate herself from that.

    She further explained to Dread Theory that in her twenties, she found happiness in only taking work that interested her creatively. Some might think that her words are inauthentic but the majority of her filmography includes indie works that received critical acclaim despite a lack of commercial success.

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    You Probably Remember Her From "The Waterboy"

    Back in Adam Sandler's heyday, Balk played Vicki Vallencourt in one of Sandler's more popular movies, The Waterboy. Vallencourt is a bit of a bayou bad girl, and Bobby Boucher's mother swears the girl is a bad influence on her innocent son.

    Balk shows some serious comedy chops in this film, but she's able to be dark and brooding here, too.

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    She Was In "Almost Famous" And She Didn't Have To Wear All Black

    Perhaps her most significantly different role came in the much-celebrated Almost Famous. She departs sharply from the evil-girl typecast and plays Sapphire - a light-hearted musician with a soft spot for young protagonist William. While Sapphire is hardly the most popular character from Almost Famous, she adds a lot to the film. Balk makes the character funny and loveable. 

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    The Craft Became A Cult Film

    The Craft was a horror movie released in 1996 that stars Fairuza Balk as one of four high school girls who pursue witchcraft and suffer for it. Balk is kind of perfect for the role, playing the most ambitious of the four friends and becoming the villain of the film. Her dark hair, striking eyes, and mysterious demeanor landed her similar roles in the years to come.

    Despite tepid reviews, The Craft performed well at the box office and Balk's career skyrocketed for a couple of years. The Craft has since garnered a cult following.

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    Fairuza Balk Has Consistently Had A Project In The Works

    Since The Craft, the raven-haired actress has accumulated 23 movie credits. She'll add another to the list in 2018 with Hell Is Where the Home Is. Fairuza Balk has also been in a total of seven shows over the years. She's clearly a very consistent artist, even if some of her projects have flown under the radar.

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