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What The Haters Are Saying About Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Let's face it, there's been a fair amount of criticism of The Last Jedi. While critics are giving it very positive reviews, fans haven't been won over so easily. There are a lot of things people don't like about Star War: The Last Jedi, even more so than those who hated on The Force Awakens. Some of these critiques can be chalked up to fans being fanatical, but there really are some legitimate flaws in The Last Jedi.

Would things have been different with JJ Abrams at the helm? Perhaps. But a lot of problems with Star Wars: The Last Jedi came directly from the script, with a plot that was at once too contained and too outlandish. Of course, it wasn't all bad. In fact, it wasn't bad at all, but that won't stop fans from finding chinks in the armor.

Right or wrong, here are some of people's biggest issues with The Last Jedi. There are galactic-size spoilers for The Last Jedi within, so see the movie before reading this.

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