What Healthy Snacks Do You Want More of at the Ranker Office?

Clark got upset about candy and asked us to order healthy snacks. What healthy snack food does Clark like the best? What is the best way to snack throughout the day while you're at work? How do you want to make your work snacking be as healthy as possible?

Is it a good idea to eat broccoli and hummus, or a better idea to have string cheese, baby carrots, and a bran muffin? Do you prefer a green grape healthy snack, or an organic heirloom cherry tomato healthy snack? Would you need to run it past Clark first? 

Healthy snacks come in all varieties: healthy crackers, healthy vegetables, healthy cheese, healthy meat. Pita chips are healthy, some say. Hummus is arguably healthy. We ordered hummus in response to Clark being upset about candy; pound for pound, hummus is probably the healthiest snack there is.

What healthy snack would you like to see on this list? Healthy celery that has low calories? Greek yogurt, whose health benefits are contested (dubious at best)? Check to see if it's on Instacart in our area and then add it to this list!

What are your favorite healthy snacks that we have in the office right now? Vote them up and we'll order more of them, vote them down and who knows what will happen! 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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