politics What America Would Look Like If Bernie Sanders Won  

Jacob Shelton
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Unfortunately, when it comes to U.S. politics, no time turners or do-overs exist, so citizens can only dream of what America would look like if Bernie Sanders were president. For a couple of years it appeared Sanders might be the last great hope for keeping America from falling by the wayside. But now that Trump holds office and leans into his Bond villain schtick all too well, one can only wonder, "what if Bernie Sanders was president?" It’s entirely possible a Sanders presidency would have been met with stalwart Republicans blocking his every move, but you would probably feel slightly more at ease than you do about potential nuclear war.

Though it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what President Bernie Sanders' policies would have looked like, his brief run suggests he would have essentially done the opposite of President Trump; he would definitely be stringing more than two sentences together that actually made sense. To throw salt in the wound, he seems like a politician you can trust, maybe even a politician you can share a beer with before he espoused about the necessity for universal healthcare - that’s the kind of president you want. What if Bernie Sanders was president right now? How would you feel? It wouldn’t matter because you could go to the doctor, and wouldn’t have to worry about being drafted because your leader sent an incendiary tweet while at Mar-A-Lago.

81 27
Billionaires Would Be Paying More Taxes

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62 17
Taxes Wouldn't Be Paying For Private Security In A New York Hotel

81 31
Marijuana Laws Would Be Heavily Reformed

83 36
Companies Would Be Faced With Extra Taxes For Carbon Emissions

73 30
Meals On Wheels Wouldn't Be Under The Axe

72 33
PBS Would Never Have To Worry About Funding

60 26
There Would Be A Lot Less Marching

83 43
Planned Parenthood Would Have Plenty Of Funding

57 25
The Dakota Access Pipeline Would Not Be Approved

57 25
Children Would Be Treated To Free Universal Pre-School

75 39
A Liberal Supreme Court Justice Would Have Replaced Scalia

65 33
America Would Have A President Who Spends His Weekends Working Rather Than Playing Golf

66 38
A Single Payer Healthcare System Would Be In Place

47 25
Big Banks Would Be Divided Into Smaller Entities

55 35
Background Checks On Gun Purchases Would Be Expanded

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59 43
America Wouldn't Be Mired In A Deportation Mess

33 24
There Would Be Less Guys With Hitler Youth Haircuts Getting Punched In The Street, Or Maybe More?

34 25
The NSA's Reach Would Be Pulled Back

30 22
America's Inclusion In The TPP Would Be Rolled Back

65 63
American Citizens Would Be Much More Relaxed

55 60
Public Colleges And Universities Would Have Free Tuition

35 42
D.C. Would Be On Its Way To Statehood

30 38
North Korea Wouldn't Be Threatening To Blow Up The West Coast

47 68
Assault Weapons Purchases Would Be Banned

28 45
There Would Be A Full US Military Withdrawal From Afghanistan

30 54
Syria Would Be Less Of A Mess

17 38
America Would Be Pulling Out Of NAFTA