Weird History These Blueprints Show What The World Would Look Like Had Hitler's Army Won WWII  

Mick Jacobs

At some point in their lives, everyone has asked, either experts or themselves, "What would have happened if Hitler won World War II?" While the world will, thankfully, never know for sure, the video below explores Hitler's blueprints for the world under Nazi rule.

Unsurprisingly, a megalomaniac like Hitler entertained rather lofty goals of his rule post-WWII. Once he ruled the world, Hitler felt he needed a capital city that matched his own visions of grandeur.

Such a city needed to be prepped and ready for Hitler's rule, which he thought was just one world war away from fruition. So, he began constructing large-scale models of his vision and setting aside areas of Berlin for construction.

Yet, as everyone knows, Hitler never even made it to the end of the war. Check out the video below to see the "grand" vision Hitler had for his capital city.