What It's Like To Be Mauled By A Bear

For some, the idea of stepping into the great outdoors is a relaxing chance to get away from it all. For others, it's a chance to be attacked by animals. One of nature's most ferocious predators is the bear. Bear attacks are fodder for popular entertainment, but what is a bear attack really like? 

What steps do you take to survive a wild animal attack? Can you climb up a tree to escape a bear? Should you pretend to be one of its cubs until it accepts you and welcomes you into its family? Or are you out of luck if a bear decides that it wants to take you down? Based on what bear attack survivors say, there’s not a lot you can do once a bear has you in its jaws other than hope it gets bored before you die.

What exactly did these survivors do right? How do they describe what it's like to be attacked by a bear? If the looming terror of bear attacks haunts you late, late at night, you might want to keep reading.