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9 Disturbing Things You Didn't Know About Alcohol Poisoning

The average gregarious partier may think nothing of tossing back a few drinks or shots during a night out at the bar. However, dying from alcohol poisoning is easier than it sounds. Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person consumes a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time. But some alcohol poisoning facts are not commonly known to many people. Your body releases alcohol into your bloodstream well after your last drink - so what will result in a blurry night and a killer hangover for one person could have serious, even fatal consequences for someone else.

Many people have lost their lives following one night of binge drinking, and others have suffered permanent brain damage. Knowing what alcohol poisoning is like, how you get it, and how to properly care for a friend who has had too much could save a life. 

  • White Men Over 30 Account for 76% of Deaths from Alcohol Poisoning

    The Centers for Disease Control found that the most common victims of alcohol poisoning in the United States are white men between 35 and 64 years old. Seventy-six percent of alcohol poisoning deaths involved people from this particular group. 

  • How Much It Takes to Kill You Varies Wildly

    A BAC of .34 is considered the danger zone for dying of alcohol poisoning. According to Vice, it takes your average American guy about 14 shots to get to that level. However, that's not always the case. People have died with lower BACs, while others have survived worse. People tend to black out at about 0.2 percent. However, this can all vary wildly depending on what you've eaten (or haven't eaten) and if you're mixing alcohol with other drugs. 

  • You Can Get Alcohol Poisoning from Hand Sanitzier

    Several children have ingested hand sanitizer, some intentionally or on a dare; others have been lured into assuming it's candy or some other treat by its pleasant scent. However, hand sanitizer contains much more alcohol than beer, wine, or liquor. In 2014, over 16,000 cases of children eating hand sanitizer were reported. But if it's drunk in large enough quantities, hand sanitizer or mouthwash can be extremely dangerous for adults as well.

  • Dehydration Can Cause Permanent Brain Damage

    With alcohol poisoning, dehydration can cause permanent brain damage. When you ingest too much alcohol, your body can waste precious resources - like water - trying to combat the poison flowing through your system. Excess vomiting can cause severe dehydration, which, in turn, can lead to brain damage.