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Whatever Happened To Ashlee Simpson?

For a brief period in the early aughts, it looked like Ashlee Simpson was going to be pop music's Next Big Thing, eclipsing even older sister Jessica as a sort of Britney for the new millennium. But things didn't continue in that direction, and now many fans are wondering: Where did Ashlee Simpson go? She didn't go far - she's always been in the public eye to some extent - but she did take what appeared to be a very conscious step back after one particularly embarrassing, arguably career-defining incident.

Ashlee Simpson started her career as a backup dancer for her sister while still in her teens. A few small acting roles followed, and within a few years, MTV gave the budding singer/actress her own reality show. But in the years since that show folded, what has Ashlee Simpson been up to?

From The Ashlee Simpson Show to Ashlee+Evan, the younger Simpson sister has found success in reality television, and she's also done stints on Broadway and landed a few small film roles. She's a mom to Bronx and Jagger, supports global charity work, and has even returned to the recording studio with husband Evan Ross. Simpson may not be the same pop star she was in the 2000s, but she's not letting adulthood keep her out of the spotlight.

  • She And Evan Ross Married

    In August 2014, Simpson married Evan Ross at the Connecticut estate of Evan's mom, music legend Diana Ross. Bronx walked Simpson down the aisle, and Jessica was one of her bridesmaids. Diana Ross performed at the ceremony.

    In December of the same year, Simpson and Ross announced that Ashlee was pregnant with their first child together.

  • She And Ross Had A Daughter


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    On July 30, 2015, Simpson gave birth to a healthy daughter named Jagger Snow Ross. "We are overjoyed about the birth of our precious baby girl, Jagger Snow Ross," Simpson posted on her Instagram account.

    Ross later revealed that his mother watched Simpson give birth. "Those nurses can’t stop my mom!" he laughed. "Like, Diana Ross just walks in."

  • Simpson And Ross Had Their Own Reality Show


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    In September 2018, Simpson and Ross's reality show, Ashlee+Evan, premiered on E!. Simpson sat down with The New York Times to explain why she wanted to do the show. According to the singer, "I feel like people see pictures of us, but they don’t know us."

    The couple was aware of the potential dangers of filming a reality show together, but they're taking it in stride. Ross explained:

    Everybody’s like, are you worried about your relationship?... But I’m like, if something that bad happens in your relationship because you guys are working together doing a show, then you probably weren’t supposed to be together. It might have helped you guys figure out that you guys weren’t working!

  • She's Been Doing Charity Work


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    Over the years, Simpson has made an effort to focus on charity work, primarily with Operation Smile, an organization that provides free cleft lip and palate surgeries for underprivileged and underserved children around the world.

    Jessica got Ashlee involved in the charity. "This is an organization my sister was involved with years ago as an ambassador," the younger Simpson said. "We went on this trip to Park City, and we were just in awe and inspired by the team that puts medical doctors and volunteers [together]."