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What Ever Happened To Avril Lavigne?

Is Avril Lavigne okay? She burst onto the music scene in 2002 with a fresh, rough-around-the-edges pop-punk sound. "Girlfriend" and "Sk8er Boi" were anthems to a generation of girls closing in on womanhood, and Lavigne's music videos just added to that punk persona. The in-your-face Canadian singer seemed unstoppable. But after a few missteps and a handful of unfortunate situations, she was on the other side of things. So what happened to her? What has she been doing?

Sadly, Lavigne has been widely derided on the internet, which may explain her poor album sales. She also seemed to lose touch with her fans and her sound. To make matters worse, her health was compromised when she was diagnosed with severe Lyme disease. She fell out of the public eye, unable to work for several months and even rumored to be dead (she’s not, just so you know). Lavigne's health has since improved. In 2017, she announced the release of a new album. Can she make a comeback? Stay tuned!