Disneybounding - The Popular New Disney Fashion Fad That You Need To Know About

Ever heard of Disneybounding? What is it? As Mickey Mouse might say, "Why, Disneybounding is the fad of designing clothes inspired by Disney characters, haha!"

The ranks of Disneybounders are growing, filled with talented and creative individuals. They aim to add to the magic in Disney parks, making it a happier place, because no one likes to see sad kids at Disneyland. Disneybounders have even made outfits inspired by Finding Nemo, which is wild because tons of people struggle with just matching shoes and belts. 

So, do you have what it takes to be a Disneybounder? Read on to discover the beginning of this phenomenon and how it has evolved. 

  • Blogger Leslie Kay Is Credited With Starting The Fad

    Blogger Leslie Kay Is Credited With Starting The Fad
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    Leslie Kay, founder of DisneyBound, is credited as the originator of the trend.

    She started her Tumblr blog after a particularly inspirational trip to Disney World. 

  • The Disneybounding Creator Didn't Initially Intend To Blog About Disney Costumes

    Leslie Kay, the woman behind the DisneyBound Tumblr, coined the term in 2011. Originally, though, she was only interested in creating a Disney fan blog.

    She wanted to document her first trip to the park since her youth. However, the costumes Kay designed became really popular, and she was inspired to focus on Disney-allowed cosplay.

  • The Idea Was A Way To Work Around Disney Park Rules

    Disney Parks have a rule against visitors dressing as Disney characters for pretty obvious reasons. Leslie's love of Disney inspired her to search for a workaround. And so, Disneybounding was born!

    Leslie created her own outfits inspired by Disney characters through accessorizing and color blocking. 

  • When Did This Happen?

    Disneybounding blew up in 2012 shortly after Leslie started showing her stuff.

    When people started catching on and posting their own outfits, the phenomenon grew.