fitness Dormant Butt Syndrome Is Real And This Personal Trainer Will Show You How To Beat It  

Damon Davis

Does you butt hurt all the time? According to this video, you might be suffering from Dormant Butt Syndrome. Yes, you read that correctly, and no, DBS is not fake news.

DBS can affect anybody, especially those working in office spaces planted in front of a computer. According to personal trainer Doug Sklar, many people don't even realize they suffer from DBS. 

Apparently, DBS not only makes your behind feel sore, it can also affect your neck, spine, and other parts of your body. Thankfully, Sklar has a method for you to get off your butt and save it from soreness.

If you constantly feel a pain in your a**, and not the kind caused by your overbearing boss, maybe you should check out the video below. In addition to saving your butt, Sklar's methods can also help you improve it.