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Creepy Things You Didn't Know About Dying of Thirst

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It's no secret that passing from severe dehydration would be extremely unpleasant. You'd feel dry, tired, weak, and it would continue to be that way for what feels like an eternity before you finally expire. But have you ever wondered what dying of thirst is really like? How it works, and what exactly happens to your body? It may be a decidedly grim prospect, but in a scientific way, it can be considered sort of fascinating.

Maybe you have a bit of morbid curiosity. Maybe you even asked yourself if you can really perish from dehydration. Well, the answer to that one is yes, you can. But your other questions and curiosities will take a more scientific eye. You just have to follow your thirst for knowledge - we won't leave you high and dry.

So, let's journey along this hot, parched, and arid road as we learn what it's like to perish for lack of water. You may be surprised to learn that most people experience at least a mild form of dehydration through the course of a normal day, so you might want to fill a glass of water before reading on.

  • It Is One Of The Most Agonizing Ways To Perish

    Some sources claim that perishing from thirst or hunger is relatively painless during the final stages because the person is no longer conscious. Well, the unconsciousness part may be painless, but before then it is genuinely agonizing. There's still a debate on this, but many scientists state that the process leading up to expiration is days and days of pain.

    This pain is an amalgamation of symptoms and effects caused from lack of water consumption.

  • It Could Take You A Week Or Longer To Expire

    Photo: Mike / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    It’s commonly said that you can perish within days without consuming water. While that does happen sometimes, it can actually take you a week or more. Sometimes you can go even longer, though you'll not be conscious long enough to know it.

    It all depends on how much you weigh, your health, and your environment.

  • Your Kidneys Will Fail, And You'll Stop Peeing

    Photo: Hans / Pixabay / CC0 1.0

    Kidneys regulate fluids in the body. Without fluids to process, your kidneys will eventually stop producing urine and shut down

  • Your Tongue Will Swell Up Inside Your Mouth

    If you’re planning on saying some witty or profound words before you pass from thirst, forget about it. You might not be able to say anything at all. That is because, before you perish, one thing that happens is your tongue will start to swell up.

    You're likely to be unintelligible by the time the end comes.