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What Elton John Is Like As A Father

The 2019 Elton John biopic, Rocketman, explores the legendary musician's performance years, including his addictions, relationships, musical partnerships, and how he overcame any insecurity or doubt. John, who is one of the best rock singers of all time, has since surrendered to a quieter existence and has made a genuine effort to turn his attention away from the stage and onto his family. 

Since marrying his long-time partner, David Furnish, and having two sons, his perspective on what's important in life has changed completely. Namely, he's announced he is quitting touring to focus on spending more time with his children.

John is a loving father who cares deeply for his sons, Zachary and Elijah. Zachary was born in December 2010, and Elijah in January 2013. John and Furnish are deliberate about providing their family with the most sustainable life possible, given the performer's status as an international superstar. 

  • Lady Gaga Is Zachary And Elijah's Godmother

    The John-Furnish family chose Lady Gaga as Zachary and Elijah's godmother. They call her their "Gagamother," and expressed pride when she took home the Oscar for Best Original Song in A Star is Born.

    John and Furnish have managed to shield the boys from the spotlight, despite their relation to such big names.

  • John Has Simplified His Life Since Having Kids

    Since having Elijah and Zachary, John and Furnish have downsized, simplifying their lives. John realized that spending time with his boys was more important than any material item or hit record. Having children has changed John and Furnish's financial habits and put into perspective what's truly necessary. According to John: 

    Before we had the children we just had our lives and we would spend money because we didn't have anything else to focus on... We have really toned things down because we have enough stuff. There is nothing else we need.

  • John And Furnish Chose Art With A 'Family Slant' For Their Family Home

    John and Furnish took their family into account when choosing their home as well as the artwork for it. In addition to wanting a space where they could entertain, John and Furnish also wanted the layout of their house to encourage "intimate family experiences." 

    The couple chose art that has a "family slant." Furnish says they focused on "things that are colorful and positive and celebrations of life," from artists such as Keith Haring and Philip Taaffe.

  • He Shares A Love For Kraftwerk And The Rebooted 'Thunderbirds' With His Sons

    John and his sons, Zachary and Elijah, share a love of the German band Kraftwerk. John speculates they all enjoy it because "it's about robots." The three also enjoy the Thunderbirds reboot - John says he prefers it to Star Wars because there's less fighting:

    I like it because it’s all about rescuing people and helping them, it’s not so violent. When they watch Star Wars, they end up beating the sh*t out of each other.