What Is Facebook, Anyway?

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When a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg conceptualized thefacebook.com in his Harvard dorm room in 2004, few could have foreseen what the online college directory would become. As of 2018, Facebook has grown and evolved to such an extent that a college-age Zuckerberg might not even recognize it.

What is Facebook now? It's a source for news, the focus of FBI probes, the home of numerous secret networking groups, a place where tailored ads target users, and a platform for political discussion, disagreement, and data. Given all of the ways Facebook can be used now, what does the future of Facebook look like?

To begin to answer that question, another must first be answered: What is Facebook?

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    Facebook is a tool for advertisers to advertise things to me.

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    93 votes

    Facebook is a data-mining operation disguised as a social network.

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    79 votes

    Facebook is a corporate entity that doesn't care about my preferences.

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    76 votes

    Facebook is an echo chamber that reinforces what people already believe to be true.

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    67 votes

    Facebook is a front for Silicon Valley tech companies to profit off users' personal data.

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    Facebook is a social network that divides people instead of bringing them together.