16 Horribly Disturbing Things That Flesh-Eating Bacteria Does To Your Body

Almost nothing is more frightening than the idea of contracting flesh-eating bacteria. The concept of your very flesh being eaten off your bones, and your limbs decaying and turning black, is enough to make anyone uncomfortable. Still, some morbidly curious people may be wondering, what does flesh-eating bacteria do to you? How does it harm you? If you're one of those people, it's time to get excited, because we have some flesh-eating bacteria facts that are sure you make you squirm with delight. Or just maybe just squirm.

What is flesh-eating bacteria? Does it actually "eat" your flesh? Is it really that bad? Rest assured, a flesh-eating bacterial infection (technically called "necrotizing fasciitis") can, and often will, end your life.

It should pretty much go without saying that this article will contain graphic descriptions, and is absolutely not for those with weak stomachs. Still, take this as a final warning, because things are about to get pretty gross, as well as horrifyingly fascinating.