Unspeakable Times

Realities Of Daily Life In Florence ADX Supermax Prison

When a criminal is deemed to be the "worst of the worst," they're sent to the United States Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility in Florence, Colorado, otherwise known as ADX. This high-security prison in the middle of nowhere is meant to keep hardened offenders as far away from the general population as possible. It's unlikely anyone could escape, and for many of its residents, ADX will be the last place they ever see. 

ADX has been operating since 1994 and it's the only prison in America that offers no real means of rehabilitation. Most of the people who end up there have either committed enough terrible acts that the system doesn't know what to do with them, or they've committed crimes against the American Government. 

The institution has come under fire for its lack of medical facilities and treatment of its patients, and in the mid-2010s, after a significant amount of legal pressure, ADX reevaluated its practices. Still, the day-to-day life for an inmate at ADX isn’t a cakewalk, and most of them spend their time in solitary confinement.