Human Body What Happens to Your Body When You Get Heat Stroke  

Laura Allan
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If you don't know what it's like to have heat stroke,  consider yourself lucky—this painful and deadly condition can seemingly come out of nowhere and leave you feeling awful. Don't confuse heat stroke with heat exhaustion—it's much more serious, and the symptoms present themselves in different ways. 

Can you die of heat stroke? Oh, yes. You might not know much about this issue, which is particularly bad on hot summer days, but heat stroke can strike anyone, anytime. Luckily, plenty of heat stroke symptoms will give you warning time to reverse the effects and get cooled down. 

Having a heat stroke will involve vomiting, confusion, and dizziness—and it only gets worse from there. You really don't want to know what heat strokes are like, and thanks to this list, you can spot the symptoms and take action to make sure you never do. 

You Won't Feel Thirsty
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It might seem counterintuitive, but this is one of the biggest signs that something has gone seriously wrong. At first, you might feel an intense and unquenchable thirst, but as the condition progresses, your desire for water will actually lessen. Always remember to drink plenty of water on a hot day, even if you don't feel thirsty. If you think you might have heat stroke, then drink water especially if you don't feel thirsty. 

You'll Feel Drunk
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This one seems funny, but you shouldn't laugh. As your temperature spikes and heat stroke takes over, your brain and coordination will get a little wonky. You'll feel confused, maybe agitated, and your speech will become slurred.

You might become grumpy and have trouble walking straight, and you might lose the ability to perform even simple tasks. So, basically, you'll seem kind of drunk. This can be especially confusing if you're drinking on a very hot day or while exerting yourself, so keep an eye on your alcohol intake.

Your Body Temperature Will Skyrocket
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Your body can reach temperatures of more than 104 degrees on a hot day. Whether because of exertion or the climate, or a combination of the two, when your body gets that hot, bad things happen. Your temperature could continue rising from there, requiring medical intervention to reverse the effects. Without immediate care, your vital systems such as your heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys will begin shutting down, maybe with permanent damage.

You'll Stop Sweating
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This seems illogical, but makes sense when you understand your body's response to heat stroke. As heat stroke takes hold, you will become dehydrated and your body loses a lot of water. Your urine will get dark and your mouth will get dry. As this happens, your body will reserve what little water it has left by stopping the sweating process. If you find your skin bone dry on a hot day, you may have early stages of heat stroke.