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14 People Who Survived Near Death Experiences Share What The Afterlife Is Like

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One of the greatest unanswered questions about death is whether we are transported to another place after we take our final breath. Heaven has fascinated many - there are songs about heaven and it's the subject of many, many movies. What happens if you go to heaven? Are you aware of who you used to be on earth? Are you someone completely new?

People who say they've gone to heaven insist there’s a place where people spend the rest of eternity, but almost everyone who claims to have visited the afterlife offers different descriptions of heaven. So what is heaven really like? Depending on who you ask there are butterflies (almost too many of them) or rainbow colored horses. And some visitors to the great beyond claim there are multiple heavens, although they fail to explain the post-life hierarchy that would allow someone to travel between the various forms of the afterlife. Maybe it’s one of those things that can’t be explained, only understood. 

Even if you believe there’s no life after death, and that the only time we’re afforded is what we have now, it’s still interesting to read about people who believe they’ve been to Heaven. It’s entirely possible some of these deathbed experiences were completely due to a rush of endorphins. It’s somewhat comforting to know your final moments of life will be filled with good vibes rather than gut wrenching pain. But, how great would it be if there were actually a tiered afterlife filled with columns of light? It all depends on how you feel about flocks of roaming butterflies. Read these stories of Heaven and then retire to your study to think about your place in the universe.  

  • Mrs. Jang Said Heaven Is Full Of Beautiful Houses

    Photo: Wikimedia

    In the early 20th Century, a woman named Mrs. Jang who lived in the city of Wang Kia Kwan Dswang died of tuberculosis after becoming a born again Christian, but she didn't stay dead. Instead, she was taken to Heaven by Jesus and shown the sights! She described Heaven as such: "I saw many beautiful houses all of pretty colors. I walked beside the Lord on the golden streets. 

    Then we went on and I saw thousands of angels in a circle, singing and playing lovely music. In the midst was the throne of glory. The Heavenly Father sat upon it, and when I saw Him I was afraid. I hardly dared to lift my eyes." 

  • After Mary Neal Died, She Said She Never Felt More Alive

    Photo: Wikimedia

    After drowning on a kayaking trip in 1999, Mary Neal, an orthopedic surgeon, swam up to Heaven where she spent a good 30 minutes before being resuscitated. Neal believes Jesus held her as she drowned, and that made her feel "more alive" than she had ever felt. Then she felt her consciousness break away from herself and she was "immediately greeted by a group of beings, spirits, people," and after gaining her non-corporeal bearings she found herself at "the big arched entryway," and inside she saw "many other spirits, angels, people... all running around. They were all very busy... busy doing God's work." 

  • Sondra Abrahams Watched Her Life Like A Movie

    Photo: Wikimedia

    Sondra Abrahams, a self described "pew warmer," died at the age of 30 from an allergic reaction to medication she was given after an operation. As she went into cardiac arrest in the emergency room, Abrahams claimed she could see herself dying as she was rising up through the ceiling. Then she was pulled "from one dimension to another" where she ran straight into Jesus who put his arms around her soul and then he played her life back for her like a movie. "I saw every time I did something good and I felt His love and joy.

    When I did something bad, I felt His hurt and intense pain that I caused Him. He showed me my whole life. But He never stopped loving me." After a short Q&A with Jesus it was decided she would be sent back to Earth so she could fight to help overturn Roe Vs. Wade

  • Crystal McVea Went To Heaven And Learned To Love Herself

    Photo: Wikimedia

    Crystal McVea was a self-proclaimed church going skeptic who had a near death experience after complications from pancreatitis. During her time on the emergency room slab this mother of four from Oklahoma ascended to Heaven and discovered there were no emotional tethers in the Kingdom of God. And even though she was new to afterlife she was still able to meet with the head honcho. McVea told The Blaze, "I was very aware that I was in front of the presence of the one true God. I’m a Christian. I believe it was the presence of the father, and the son and the Holy Spirit.”

    He then gave her the choice to stay in Heaven, or return to Earth to her four children and lucrative book deal.