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How Much Do You Know About Pazuzu, The Demon Made Famous By 'The Exorcist'?

If you've heard of Pazuzu at all, it's because you paid attention while watching The Exorcist. Pazuzu was the demon that possessed young Regan in the filmHowever, this fascinating character has a long history that goes back several centuries, far before he ever appeared in a movie. Regardless of whether or not you think that demons are actually real, belief in Pazuzu has definitely influenced the actions of countless people.

In conflict with the film's representation, some historians have pointed out that Pazuzu is a bit of a conundrum as he doesn't easily fit into the modern day interpretation of a demon. Turns out the Hollywood-ized version of the demon seen on the big screen isn't truly indicative of the traits that people living in pre-biblical times attributed to Pazuzu. Luckily for those of us looking for more info on the "real" hellion who inspired the demon in The Exorcist, the facts on Pazuzu are actually much more interesting than the stereotype. Here's everything you never knew about your new favorite fiend.