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What's Going On With Rob Schneider?

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After Rob Schneider literally became famous for playing the most obnoxious humans imaginable on Saturday Night Live, including as the Richmeister, everyone's most dreaded co-worker at the copy machine. Since then he has made a career off of his ability to play annoying characters, which has resulted in him starring in a lot of annoying and badly reviewed films. It's hard not to think of the guy as a bit of a joke himself and one who rather disappeared. Seriously, though, what is Rob Schneider doing?

You may not have kept tabs on him, but Schneider has been working hard, still working in movies and television, performing stand-up, and putting his foot in his mouth via Twitter. Rob Schneider's life includes his big break on SNL in the late '80s, rising up among the comedy ranks with other cast members like Adam Sandler and Chris Rock. In addition to Richard "The Richmeister" Laymer, the annoying office nicknam-er, Schneider also created Orgasm Guy and The Sensitive Naked Man.

For Schneider, the late '90s was filled with forgettable comedies in which something unusual happened to his character. He even became a carrot  and a stapler in South Park parodies of his movies. While many comedy fans accuse Schneider of riding Adam Sandler's coattails, and though Rob Schneider movies have abysmally low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, he hasn't accepted mediocrity sitting down. Here's what Rob Schneider has been up to lately.

  • He Made A Stand Up Special Called Soy Sauce And The Holocaust

    Pretty much any big name comedian has at least one stand up special under their belt and Rob Schneider does too. In 2013, Schneider filmed an hour long special, Soy Sauce and the Holocaust. He thought of the title when he remembered, "I'm half Jewish and half Filipino – so my house smelled like soy sauce and the Holocaust."

    In addition to cringe-worthy jokes, his set is filled with low-brow humor and race and gender stereotypes. The show wasn't well received. One Internet reviewer managed to find something positive though, writing, "On the plus side, this is better than Schneider's sitcom Real Rob."

  • He Directed Two Movies That Went Straight To DVD

    It was only a matter of time before Rob Schneider would feel led to forge his own path in the world of bad movies by being the man both behind and in front of the camera. Most have likely never heard of the movies he directed. Neither 2009's Big Stan nor 2010's The Chosen One (written by Schneider) were given a theatrical release and instead went directly to DVD. Even though, at that time, Schneider had a role in 2010's Grown Ups - thanks in part to Adam Sandler - movie studios were apparently not all that eager to distribute Schneider's personal sense of humor.

    Unless you're a hard core fan, you may want to skip these two movies. Big Stan received an 11% overall approval on Rotten Tomatoes and The Chosen One received a score of 22% audience approval.

  • Roger Ebert Had To Step In After Schneider Started A War With Another Film Critic

    According to Hollywood legend, this story started when Los Angeles Times film critic Patrick Goldstein wrote a scathing review of the Deuce Bigalow sequel. Rob Schneider responded by taking out full page ads in several trade papers claiming Goldstein was unqualified to review his movie because the writer hadn't won a Pulitzer Prize. Then, legendary film critic Roger Ebert decided to get involved, writing:

    "As chance would have it, I have won the Pulitzer Prize, and so I am qualified. Speaking in my official capacity as a Pulitzer Prize winner, Mr. Schneider, your movie sucks.”

    Schneider was always sore about the famous critic hating his movie, but when Ebert was hospitalized during his bout with cancer, the comedian sent him flowers. He signed the card, "Rob Schneider, your least favorite movie star."

  • Perhaps To Deal With Critics' Harsh Words, Rob Schneider Practices Zen Buddhism

    Although you wouldn't think it from the often naive or spastic characters he plays on screen, Rob Schneider has a spiritual side and has been a Zen Buddhist for over 20 years. He speaks about why he was drawn to the practice:

    "Zen Buddhism is a middle way, it's about avoiding conflict. All the problems in our world, whether they're from Fox News or Islamic fundamentalism or Christian fundamentalism, it's all extremism. It's what's happening in Congress. It's so extreme, a polarized version, no moderates can survive."

    It's the search for inner calm that has allowed him to deal with critics of both himself and his work. He comments:

    "So the one side of it, the negative side could be like, 'Well they hate me, they don’t like my movies.' Or the other side, 'Y’'now what? Maybe they're letting me free and I don't have to worry about pleasing them. Ever.' And that's the other side to that."