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Colorful Facts You Should Know About Synesthesia

Updated 5 Sep 2019 47.1k views16 items

What is synesthesia? How does it affect the brain? What causes it? Synesthesia is a fascinating neurological condition, but researchers still don't know much about it. People with synesthesia experience cross stimulation when one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to an involuntary sensation to another. To put it simply, people with synesthesia can taste sounds or hear colors.

A person might listen to their favorite band and automatically taste popcorn, or always see a certain letter in a particular color. It's both incredibly wonderful and completely baffling. Everyone with synesthesia (known as synesthetes) experience things differently. Some will swear that the number two is blue, while others insist that the number two is obviously green. Scientists have documented many different examples of fascinating connections people with different kinds of synesthesia will make. But as interesting facts about synesthesia prove, part of its allure lies in its mystery.

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