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WTF Is The Anti-Christ, Anyway?

Throughout history, many people have claimed to be the Anti-Christ, but just who is the Anti-Christ? The story of the Anti-Christ dates back to before the Christian era and is first discussed in Jewish theological works. Religious texts like the Bible dance all around the idea of of an evildoer, or a "man of lawlessness," who will come to fight Christ when he returns to Earth. However, none of the authors of the New Testament provide a clear picture of just who, or what, the Anti-Christ is.

It wasn't until the early medieval period that a few writers offered more specifics to help imaginations run wild. Yet even then, it was hard to differentiate between Satan and his infamous, Jesus-hating sidekick. Compiled here are facts about the Anti-Christ that will ensure never mix the two up again. To learn more about the Anti-Christ, read on below.